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Data: 3.02.2015

Obiectiv: parcurgere integrala curs online Design Patterns in WordPress de la Tuts+.

Durata totala: 1.6 ore

Rezultat: obiectiv atins

Cuprinsul cursului: 


4 lessons, 28:18
1.1 Plan For The Course (Durata: 02:41)
1.2 The Development Environment (Part 1) (Durata: 07:01)
1.3 The Development Environment (Part 2) (Durata: 09:24)
1.4 WordPress Plugins (Durata: 09:12)
2.Design Patterns

1 lesson, 05:49
2.1 What Are Design Patterns? (Durata: 05:49)
3.The Singleton Pattern

3 lessons, 21:13
3.1 What is the Singleton Pattern? (Durata: 04:55)
3.2 Implementing The Singleton Pattern (Part 1) (Durata: 05:25)
3.3 Implementing The Singleton Pattern (Part 2) (Durata: 10:53)
4.The Simple Factory Pattern

3 lessons, 24:31
4.1 What is the Simple Factory Pattern? (Durata: 06:04)
4.2 Implementing The Simple Factory Pattern (Part 1) (Durata: 08:01)
4.3 Implementing The Simple Factory Pattern (Part 2) (Durata: 10:26)

2 lessons, 13:12
5.1 Understanding The Flow of Control (Durata: 07:26)
5.2 Wrapping It All Up: On To Other Patterns! (Durata: 05:46)
Ce am invatat: 
  • Primele 2 design patterns: Singleton Pattern si Simple Factory Pattern
  • Singleton Pattern: folosit atunci cand vrem sa avem o singura instantiere a unei clase si mai multe referinte catre aceasta instanta a clasei
  • Simple Factory Pattern (varianta simplificata a Factory Pattern): este util atunci cand vrem sa cream mai multe clase bazate pe o clasa abstracta si cand clasele derivate se instantiaza intr-un bloc conditional; foloseste 3 tipuri de clase: Simple Factory care contine blocul conditional, clasa abstracta si clasele derivate din clasa abstracta
  • Cum se utilizeaza Design Patterns in WordPress pentru o mai buna organizare a codului; cod mai simplu si logic




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